We give you and other users the personal right (known legally as a ‘license’) to use, access and/or stream (depending on the content) the freely available services and content available on this site. Your purchases are primarily meant for your personal and private ownership, but all products on this site are without digital rights management and we cannot stop you from sharing them with family and friends if you like. We ask however that you don’t put your purchased downloads on e.g. public forums and/or expose them to massive sharing.

There’s a limit of 25 downloads per purchase to motivate each buyer to save their downloads for future updates and consume them sparingly. All existing orders will be updated with new file(s) whenever there is an update. This will happen transparently.

DRM generally makes products bloated and cumbersome to use, we don’t want that and have no plans of integrating it in the future. We are actually inspired by GOG on this matter. Gone are the times – in general when dealing with software – where you fully own and control what you buy, replaced with online accounts at the mercy of administrators and rules to keep accessing your own content, subscription style. Some don’t even let you fully download what you buy access to.

Not here.

While we don’t really mind sharing with your closest friends and family,
we also seek monetary support to make the site worthwhile to stay online.
Please consider this when/if sharing your purchase. We don’t ask for much.

Your Mileage May Vary.

Software and/or services available on this site was made to fulfill a certain and/or specific need at the time of development that may depend on a certain state and composition of bits and bytes which may have changed after development, altering the behavior and reliability of its intended functionality. PC game cheats are especially exposed to this.

It may straight up be outdated if you buy it long after release. We would appreciate you letting us know if there’s a problem and to give us a chance to ask the contributor to investigate and make an update if they’re still working on the product. If an update is not possible and a defective product can be confirmed, we’ll refund the order and remove the product from the site.

We don’t want people buying anything they don’t need, want or cannot use. Please consider any kind of user and usage error before asking for support. You may need to tinker and experiment a little to gain the full usefulness of certain products and/or services.

Digital Rights Management

As a compromise of taking a chance on what you need and/or want to buy, prices are low. We don’t want you to be afraid of trying something out. Since there is no DRM, you fully own the product after buying access to it. No call home telemetry. No licensing checks. Only free updates to your order(s), within your download limit.

If we discover in the first year that our trust is being abused by the majority of customers, we have already decided to shut the site down, as there will be simply no point to keep paying for upkeep. But it’s our belief that we have to show our own trust before we can expect it back. We reserve the right to remove any accounts and/or orders that gets flagged as abusive for any reason.

Thank you for giving us a chance

We will strive to meet you on your way to your goals and ends in constructive and objective ways and solve reasonable problems and issues whenever possible, if just given a fair chance. Please include as much details as possible if you need to contact us.