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VPN Bypass can bypass local VPN and have specific domains use the local gateway instead,
like it usually would when VPN is not active. For normal routing solutions, not system hooks.


A CLI based GNU/Linux version tested in Debian and Ubuntu as well as the main Windows .NET version are sold together.

VPN providers that implement their own traffic inspection and firewall filter will not be bypassed by this software.
Any existing antivirus solution must also accept automatic hosts file changes for VPN Bypass to work optimally.

Tested with TigerVPN, OpenVPN (should work with providers supporting and using it) and F-Secure FREEDOME.
Originally made for Plex, which uses Amazon CDN and rotating/load balancing IP addresses.

This software installs/removes an added service via the user interface that keeps all hosts in the list updated.
(You do not need to keep the frontend client open, just when administering the service).

Version 1.2.0+ now also supports round-robin / load balancing where a single domain may point to multiple IP adresses.

If your VPN metric is lower than default Bypass routes, just turn off automatic metric in your NIC and set it to 1.
This is a setting available in ncpa.cpl > NIC Properties > TCP/IPv4 properties > Advanced.


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